Monday, November 12, 2007

Here's a Story for You

On Saturday, November 10, I attended an amazing event at the First Nations House of Learning at UBC. The afternoon was full of wonderful stories by many people including Richard Van Camp and Joseph Naytowhow.

You can listen to Joseph's beautiful voice at Joseph uses Cree rituals and social dances to sing his own music, often adding lyrics in English. I plan on bringing Joseph and Kevin MacKenzie, another storyteller from Saskatchewan, to Vancouver in the spring to teach us at storyteling workshops. I'll let know you when. You can meet Kevin at:

The event on Saturday was to celebrate the release of a new board book for babies I want you all to know about. It's Welcome Song for Babies: A Lullaby for Newborns, by Richard Van Camp. It is a truly beautiful celebration of new life. Richard dedicates his book this way: "For everyone I love ... "Children Unite Us All!" The publisher is Orca Books in Victoria. Check it out at This book will be distributed to every baby born in the Province of British Columbia in 2008. That's 40,000 babies! It is so full of love, every baby in the world should have it. So get busy and order it! (Jeremy, I have a copy for you and Darcie.)

Happy trails,